Changing Seasons…

March came in like a lion on the East Coast of Canada.  I read a book a long time ago, a fictional book, but the theme was somewhat applicable to life.  I feel like seasons in life are changing for me.  Im finding that no matter how much I push thryrough, try to stay positive and give to the world the best of me, there is an equal pull in the abyss that is the challenging side of life.  I tell myself on a daily basis, I can not control how others behave, treat others or drag someone down, I can only control my reaction to it.  So that leaves me asking myself, how do I keep trying to deal with “life” and push on staying positive, in a wold that thrives on drama and lack of drive. I guess I have been trying to keep the attitude that even though I am one person with a million challenges, there is someone else in my day that is having a million and 1  challenges, so maybe my interaction with them will be the one point in there day that gives them that little extra boost to push on…Im hoping spring shows itself soon, we are thawing out here this side of the country, snow is melting, days are getting longer, and I crave the dirt in my hands and sun on my face.  That is where I get the most clarity…until then, Ive been working on me and looking for one extra bright spot in life each day…Today, I wish you all at least 20 minutes of peaceful pleasure…


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