…Lesson from a daughter to a mother…

I was having a conversation the other day with my daughter, who is beautiful, kind, loving, and one of my best friends.  We dealt with the terrible teenage trauma a few years back, and she is now turned into a wonderful young woman.  She was dumbing herself down when we were talking.  I told her she was smarter than that and she should give herself more credit than she is.  She got a little upset at that, and proceeded to tell me that its easy to do with so many others around her doing the same things to themselves.  Using this as a good teaching moment, I told her that everyone has their hangups, but those around her shouldn’t influence her to dumb down as well.  “no mom you don’t know what i’m saying, when ‘everyone’ around me, meaning you too…”  I stopped and thought about how I talk around her.  Life has thrown some challenges my way, and I do struggle with self esteem myself. Always have.  Guess I haven’t been doing as good as I thought keeping it under control.  I left it alone until I got home from work later, and told her how bad I felt about showing her that kind of attitude.  So together we are working on the same challenge as every other mother out there.  Our ammo, each other.  Best schooling I’ve had in a while…


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